Beef Short Ribs

I had a thought on beef short ribs the other day. Sweet + savory + spicy. So off to the kitchen I went.

That short rib thing my wife digs

  • salt + peppered the short ribs liberally on all sides then seared them in my dutch oven on all sides to for a descent crust.
    *I prefer to use my dutch oven for searing because of the obvious cast iron benefits to searing as well as the high sides to cut down on the splatter.
  • removed the ribs and wiped out the dutch oven.
  • sautéed...
Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tequila Heaven

Iʼve been on a tequila tear lately. Hereʼs some of my concoctions as of late:

My last trip to Mexico was a margarita fest for sure. I had so many that the sour mix was beginning to give me heartburn so I asked the bartender what drink he preferred in leu of the almighty margarita. It turned out pretty simple and quite tasty.

The Paloma

  • Salt rimmed glass
  • Muddle a few wedges of lime tequila (2oz or more)
  • Fresca

Every chance we get we spend our gig...

Monday, October 7, 2013

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